Allegiance of the
Dead Sea Mandate:
Eco-Awareness Packaging



Package Design
Brand Identity

The Dead Sea is a center of historical, religious, political, and scientific importance in the Middle East. However, its resources are rapidly declining as its water supply, the Jordan River, is being diverted and drained into the bordering countries. This awareness kit is a partnership between the Allegiance for the Dead Sea Mandate, Swell, and the United Nations. It is a call to action to start a dialogue about saving the precious resources of the sea by drawing attention to universal truths, Peace, Hope, and Nature, that are relatable and meaningful.




People can most often be unified by universal human truths. In reality
we all desire the same basic things: peace, hope, and beauty. The challenge presented itself as how to package abstract ideas into tangible experiences for people to interact with.


001 — PEACE

Peace aims to educated the user about the problems facing the Dead Sea. It features a digital journal that will record the user's point of view in an online library for others to read.
It reinvents the most primitive form of sharing ideas, which
is using a pen and paper.


002 — HOPE

Hope partners with Swell and the United Nations in order to address the problem of water shortage in the Middle East. The water bottle records the user's water consumption and will send out messages to government officials in the Middle East in order to prompt a dialogue.


003 — NATURE

Nature seeks to invite the user to remember the importance and beauty
of the Dead Sea with a perfect salt cube found in the sea called "Halite."


004 — UNITY

Unity is packaged in the form of Allegiance Apparel. It is a physical reminder and message to others about the efforts to come together to
save the Dead Sea. Clothing is a tangible way to create uniformity.