Shakepeare in the Park 2019
The Public Theater


Paula Scher

Emily Atwood

Jane Jun
Motion Design

The Public Theater
Tammy Shell, Katie Hodge,
Gina Roi, Ze Wang, 
Christian Martin

Pentagram has created the promotional campaign for the season―
our 25th since starting our collaboration with the Public in 1994―combining bold typography, bright summer colors, and a tagline that sums up the plays as “Rumors and Rebels.”

Each year, the season design changes in the use and spirit of Knockout, the font of the Public identity. The 2019 look is fun and playful, with skewed bands of typography layered on color shapes in a Pop art palette of blue, red and yellow, inspired by circus posters, bubble gum and Wonder Bread. Working with Pentagram, the in-house team at the Public extended the look of the posters into additional applications.